Commercial Real Estate Intelligence Solutions


 the Commercial Real Estate Intelligence System

In Real Estate it is Who You Know and What You Know!


  • ENTER information ONCE, Use it Multiple ways!

  • Fewer clicks to get to the information you need

  • Manage your Exclusive Assignments more effectively

  • Be proactive in your reporting to clients

  • Find Sale and Leasing opportunities

  • Connect the Properties to the document files on your network

  • More than just a piece of software, we help you improve your business processes

  • Many features are customizable to your needs.

  • Does many of the things that you can’t do with Loopnet and Costar

  • We Evaluate your business processes to create a system data plan to fit your business

  • Create a information management plan for maintaining and expanding your market intelligence


Our data services cover the markets for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland and include the following types of information:

· Property Ownership details and Tax records

· The Most accurate data of any service provider on Supermarket Anchored properties (Geocoded to the exact rooftop) and custom tool for use in Google Earth

· Confidential database on distressed assets of all commercial classes, with details on loan status, original note, true owners, NOI and key tenants. (updated monthly)

· Database of over 7000 retail properties that can be used in the CREIS system

· Database of over 40,000 real estate contacts with email addresses and 10,000+ companies that can be used in the CREIS system.